Shana Figumate

Just got these from my friend, who had ordered the whole box of Shakugan no Shana II Figumate (10 pieces in total!) Bought the extras from him. You could call them my first Shana Figurine Collection ^^. I don’t have a Shana Figurine at all! Seriously.

Shana Figumate!

The thing is.. it was supposed to have 8 as a set. But the confident me told him that one box would have everything. I was wrong -_-. So I bought the extras from him, since I don’t mind buying ^^.

Nevertheless, the money wasn’t wasted at all xD. All of them are Shana! In fact the only reason why I didn’t order a box for myself was that I wanted Shana only. Lol.

And, I hope someone out there can sell to him the rare Shana Figumate. (ANYONE?)

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