O Manga, Where art thou?

Where is my Manga?

I have just discovered the fact that, even though I am currently reading about a dozen ongoing manga series, in the past month I’ve only read 4.5 new manga chapters- 2 Naruto, 1 Full Metal Alchemist, 1 Skip Beat, And a mini Hetalia Chapter. If it weren’t for my knowledge that Ouran High School host club comes out in just a few more days I would truly be descending into despair!

So where have all my series gone? Besides Naruto, which is released on a weekly basis in Shounen Jump, unless interupted by holidays (like last week), all of the manga I read are Monthly publications, or even worse… they have no release schedule, and only appear at the mangaka’s gracious whim. For instance, the series Berserk has only had 5 very short chapters released this year, and the next one isn’t scheduled to come out till September 25th. At least two of those chapters had no text, so they were read examined in less than a minute. For this I blame the author’s sudden addiction to moe as the cause of his lazy… but if he keeps this up he will seriously die before he finishes the series!!!

My most recent favorite series, Hetalia Axis Powers, not only does not have any release schedule at all (as it is a web comic), but each “chapter” is only a few panels long; infact the last chapter was probably shorter than this post is going to be. You can see his raw chapter online at his blog.

I read the series NANA, but it is currently on hiatus because the author is seriously ill.

A few of the *cough YAOI hot guy manga I read, such as Junjou Romantica, apparently don’t have enough fangirls willing to translate chapters. The Chapters translated into English are frequently volumes behind the most recent chapters.

Then there are series like my dear Yotsubato! which I haven’t seen updated since last March, and I have no idea why. Perhaps Yotsubato!’s author may be too busy remaking Azumanga Daioh! to care?

I am a bigger manga fan than an anime fan even, so this is quite hard to tolerate. Manga releases should be as consistent as anime broadcasts!!!

Does anyone else have trouble like this with their favorite series? Perhaps I should only be reading old series so I wouldn’t have to wait for new chapters; but everytime I try I end up marathoning the entire series in a day or so xD

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