Rie Tanaka 田中 理恵

Having a headache today, couldn’t think of a particular seiyuu I want to feature. I finally decided to go along with the anime series Hayate no Gotoku(as I’m watching Season 1 now, better late than never =D), and yes, Rie Tanaka voices Maria the maid O_O. I didn’t know that!

Rie Tanaka 田中 理恵

Name: 田中 理恵
Country: Sapporo, Hokkaido, Japan
Birthday: 1979年1月03日
Height: 162cm
Blood Type: B
Website: http://www.tanaka-rie.com/

You might know her from..[ANN]:

She’s seriously in a lot of anime which I didn’t really noticed o.o. My first anime I watched which had her was the Gundam Seed series, whereby she voiced Lacus Clyne. Woohoo singing songtress! I heard her songs in the Gundam Seed series, I love the songs a lot. It was probably because of her that I started my journey to listening on Jpop. Lol.

Rie Tanaka 田中 理恵

Tanaka has released two albums: 24 Wishes and Garnet, but didn’t gain much success.

So she’s not really well known despite being the songstress in Gundam Seed unlike a certain singer I know who rose to fame after singing for 1 anime >_> *cough*. Well never mind, I think I actually bought the Gundam Seed singles. I need to dig them out. =D.

Anime Characters

She’s voicing the crazy woman, Liang Qi in CANAAN >_>. Omg. I didn’t know that. She’s doing Octavia in Tears to Tiara though. One of my fave anime characters! ^^

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