Mai Nakahara 中原 麻衣

My intention for this week’s Seiyuu Sunday is to blog about Yu Kobayashi, seeing that I just blogged about her “awesome” drawing. But upon looking up on her past VA roles, I decided not to feature her this week ^_^”(I don’t know most of the anime series she did, well only a few though..) Anyway on with Mai Nakahara!

Mai Nakahara 阿部 麻衣子

Name: 中原 麻衣
Country: Kitakyushu, Fukuoka, Japan
Birthday: 1981年2月23日
Blood Type: AB
Skilled in: Kendo

You might know her from..[ANN]:

I could go on forever with her roles.. Look at ANN for the full list. Sugoi desuuuuu. I didn’t know she voiced Morgan in Tears to Tiara!?!? It doesn’t even sound like her XD. The first anime on my watched list that has her is probably My-HiMe.. Up till today I can still remember her voice in my head. My-HiMe is one of the first few anime series I caught – back when I just started watching anime. Also it’s a surprise to me that she voiced Teana Lanster in Nanoha StrikerS. I fail as a Nanoha fan XD.

Mai Nakahara 中原 麻衣

And lastly, the various anime characters pictures she has voiced. Hope you found something interesting about her today, just like how I found her voicing Teana to be a shock XD.

Mai Nakahara 中原 麻衣

Source: MAL

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