Mid-Season Impressions: Nyan Koi!

Fall 2009 Anime Line-up

Series Name: Nyan Koi!
Genre: Comedy, Cats, Harem?
Episodes: 12
Notable Seiyuus: Jun Fukuyama, Yuu Kobayashi, Haruka Tomatsu, Rina Satou, Ryoko Shiraishi

OP Sequence: Nyanderful by Sakakibara Yui

Well, despite being knee deep in school work at the moment, thought I would come back for a while to do some of the Mid-Season Impressions posts I’d wanted to so since Episode 2 of most shows. Time to get started. Nyan Koi!

Starting with the OP. Very very addictive stuff. Sakakibara Yui has a voice of a goddess and I believe it was because of this song that I even gave the series a chance. Oh yes, I was planning to just drop this show due to the fact that it was all about cats throughout the entire series. Thankfully I didnt, cause it’s one of the few shows that I’m hooked on to at the moment.

The series itself is pretty stellar. Kousaka Junpei is your typical male lead and like most male leads, they have weaknesses. Superman has Kryptonite, Indiana Jones has Snakes, Junpei has Cats as his achilles heel. To make things far worse, his entire household is a family of cat lovers. So, *PING*, double whammy.

The girl he likes, his fated to be, Mizuno Kaede would be the exact opposite of him. She’s a complete cat lover born into a family that has 4 dogs. So yeah, no cat love there.

Midway through the 1st episode, Junpei gets into a little accident and causes the head of the NekoJizou statue to roll over. Oh yes, this is where the real plot begins. Due to his mishap and apparent disrespect for the NekoJizou, the cats have blessed Junpei with the ability to communicate with cats. This does come with a drawback. He needs to fufill the wishes of 100 cats in order not to be turned into a cat himself.

Plot sounds a little corny? Yeah, I thought so too. Thankfully the real plot of the show is overshadowed by the harem aspects of the show. Oh yes, Junpei will get himself a harem as well. There’s Kaede, the girl of his dreams. Then there’s Kanako, the osananajimi(childhood friend), then there’s Nagi, who’s pushing for the Kaede-Junpei boat. There’s also Kotori and Akari which make up the Twins route and finally Chizuru which makes up the ‘Adult’ route. Chizuru’s really just a Uni Student and not working-adult adult. So yeah.

Hmm, I’ve seem to have written a wall of text but I’ve decided to keep this impressions post almost picture-less to save time. The harem subplot is pretty awesome. It’s episode 6 now and Kotori as well as Akari have finally been introduced.

So yeah. The plot while on the harem side is great due to the diverse characters, on the actual nekojizou mission thingy, not so great. Actually during those mission thingys, the only thing keeping me watching is Jun Fukuyama’s Tama.

Characters wise. Love them. Mizuno seems like every other ‘dream girl’, while Kanako seems like every other osananajimi that seems to hate the main lead at the start of the series but fall for him again midway through. Yeah. This part is pretty much covered well.

Music wise. OP is great. Not really a fan of the ED, but I don’t listen to the ED much.

Overall, Nyan Koi! is great to start but the plot needs to move faster. I’d like the show more if they just continue on the harem path and when the due date is up, Junpei turns into a cat and choke on his own allergies. :D

Nyan Koi! gets 3.5/5 from me. To end off, here’s the ED: Strawberry ~Amaku Setsunai Namida~ by Asami Imai

If I’m free for like 30 mins again, I’ll work on my next impressions post, Seitokai no Ichizon or Seiken no Blacksmith

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