It Snowed!!!

If my username wasn’t enough of a hint… I’m a BIG fan of snow! And currently I am quite pleased that were I live is getting hit by near blizzard conditions. Since I haven’t posted in a while, here are some pictures I took that you can see from my house.


I’m surprised our creek isn’t frozen! After having to be out there like 3 hours shoveling and playing with siblings I sure am!!! But I got to come inside for hotchocolate. So now I am content <3


I live on what used to be an old farm. That building used to have cows and chickens in it…but now it just has squirrels and snakes xD


So because of all this snow I called off. I didn’t bother taking a picture of the road in front of my house because there so much snow you can’t see it!!!I had to call off work because I don’t want to risk my life driving in this mess.


Currently I think we have about 3-4 inches of snow… We’re supposed to get somewhere between 12-20 inches total in the next 24 hours!

smiley snow!

What it looks like from my room. I don’t know why my windows get condesnsation all over them… but it was begging for a smiley face!!! xD
I’m going to relax and enjoy the warmth and Hot chocolate now.

Keep checking for updates the next few days! We’re working on a few big posts that should hopefully be posted before Christmas… or at least the new years!

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