Tattoo of Feito-chan on Back

The things fans do to show their love for their singers, idols, etc is simply incredible. Love is incredible, and it’s so incredible that this guy decided that he wants to have a tattoo of Fate on his back.

What you’re seeing now, it’s not the completed tattoo.  It has cost him 30,000 yen so far. After this it’ll cost 10,000 yen per hour and they estimate it’ll take at least another 40 hours to complete this. So a total of 430,000 yen? Wow!

According to him, his parents cried when they found out about the tattoo. And his girlfriend cried too. I know I will cry if any guy I know did this to himself >_>. Also, the guy said that he wants to have a tatto of Nana-chan someday. Interesting idea.. but I can’t bear to think of that at all.

Would you be so crazy as to tattoo something/someone you love on yourself as well? I mean a name would be okay, but a huge picture of an anime character on your whole back is simply crazy!!

Source: フェイトちゃんが好きすぎて!!! and Canned Dogs

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