DS Trains Part Time Workers At Mac

I’m not so updated with the DS facts, but it turns out that the DS has a strong presence in McDonalds via the Nintendo Zone service, whereby patrons can download demos, information and other exclusive content to their DS consoles. Now, McDonalds Japan will begin using the DS to train Part Time workers!

The chain is developing a DS training program called “eSmart.” New part time employees will train through this software. Using the new DS software, McDonalds believes it can cut training time by half over conventional methods, in part due of the familiarity of the DS system. It hopes to quickly get new employees out on the floor.

How they train themselves through a DS software, I have no idea. I always believe that doing things yourself is the best method to learn something new – I wonder whether using the DS will be that efficient? There are certainly stuff you can’t learn when using the DS..

Source: andriasang

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