Fate/zero Coming Soon On October 2011

Fate/zero will be getting an anime adaptation and it’s first PV has been released. I can’t wait!

It is produced by a studio called ufotable and will be a full TV series and not just some OVA, so it’s probably gonna be at least 12 episodes long. The first Fate/stay night TV series aired in 2006 and then there was a long break from the Fate universe until 2010, when the Unlimited Blade Works movie was released. Well, there was that TV reproduction but that was just an OVA that recapped the 2006 series.

For those who did not read the light novel, Fate/zero is a prequel to Fate/stay night. The story will cover the 4th Holy Grail War that happened ten years ago which Kiritsugu Emiya, Shiro’s father, took part in.

Here are the main characters according to MyAnimeList:

Well I am definitely excited about this news and am sure as hell not gonna miss it. The anime will be airing on October 2011. Here’s hoping Fate/hollow ataraxia will be getting it’s own anime adaptation as well!

Purchase the light novel now

Light Novel Title: Fate/zero Volume 1
Catalog Number: NEOBK-899844
Release Date: January 2011
Retail Price
: 650 yen
Purchase at: CDJapan

Source(s): Official Website | ANN

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