Monster Hunter 3G Demo Available Now!

Monster Hunter 3G demo is available on Bic and e-Shop now. You can download it from e-Shop after you have install the latest 3DS firmware update which is released today. Monster Hunter 3G demo is the first downloadable demo for the 3DS. How great is that!

The demo can be played at most 30 times, which will be unplayable after you have hit the limit.

Famitsu had reviewed this game and gave it a score of two 10s and two 9s, which are one of the highest review scores of the year.

Next will be a gameplay commercial Capcom had released today.

There’s also some screens shots of the monster Deviljho, which 1st debuted in Monster Hunter 3 and was also in Monster Hunter Portable 3G.

Source: andriasang

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