Yui Horie – Honey Jet!! [15.07.09]

With less than 4 weeks left, Hocchan(Yui Horie) will be releasing her seventh album, Honey Jet!! on 15 July 2009! Woohoo!

The songs included are Silky Heart, Vanilla Salt and a few more other songs. Hopefully 13-14 songs on the album yeah? But yes, if you want to have the two songs(OP & ED) from Toradora!, this is a must buy!

Yui Horie - Honey Jet!! [15.07.09]

I already placed my order at CDJapan last month. Have you? Preorder yours today, no I mean NOW. XD. Retail price is at 3,000 yen. The limited edition comes with some bonus, extra pictures of hocchan *_*.

Enjoy the Silky Heart PV below. HOCCHAN XDXD.

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