Yui Horie – Darling [Album Review]

Despite getting this album just a few weeks back (and this album was released on 30th January 2008 mind you >_>) I decided to review this album!

Len introduces – Yui Horie to us! This album is titled “Darling” and is her sixth album!

Yui Horie - Darling [Album Review]
The front of the Special Jacket

I bought the Limited Edition on impulse as CDJapan is currently having a Summer Sale! And Hocchan’s Darling happens to be.. on discount =3. Too good to resist!

Yui Horie - Darling [Album Review]
The back of the Special Jacket

Besides the special jacket, there’s also a 20-pages picture booklet. More pictures of Hocchan.. Mmmm <3

Yui Horie - Darling [Album Review]
Front of Picture Booklet

Yui Horie - Darling [Album Review]
Left – CD Case, Right – Jacket

More pictures from the booklet.

Yui Horie - Darling [Album Review]

Yui Horie - Darling [Album Review]

Yui Horie - Darling [Album Review]

After uploading all the pictures, I remembered that I have the scans of the album stored on my computer. Lolz. So here are even more shots from the exclusive booklet! XD

Yui Horie - Darling [Album Review]

Tracklisting of Darling:

  1. Lalala Song of Love (ラララ愛の歌)
  2. Time machine
  3. Days
  4. God Please (かみさまおねがい)
  5. To be in love with the weather chart (恋する天気図)
  6. “Say cheese!”
  7. The words that can’t be conveyed (伝えられない言葉)
  8. Light (ヒカリ)
  10. Lovely Everyday (ラブリ♥エブリデイ)
  11. The clear wind blows (きれいな風が吹いている)
  12. Always (ずっと Zutto)
  13. Hello (ハロー Haroo)
  14. Little Honey Bee

Now here are my fave songs from this album. I actually love all the songs but I had to control, can’t flood you guys with my Hocchan obsession XD.







Love the songs? Purchase the album from CDJapan. Currently the album is only selling at 1,714 yen! It’s at a discount of 40%! The offer will only last till this Thursday (JPT), so get it while it’s still available! ^^

Yui Horie - Darling [Album Review]
And Len approves of this post =D. And I opened him today(He’s out of my brand new figurines orz)

Yes another post to show my love for Hocchan. Get the album now! No this post is not to poison you Optic XD.

You can read my other review on Hocchan’s seventh album which was released on 15 July 2009 here. =)

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