Heart-Shaped Cucumbers

We all know that the food in Japan is extremely expensive. Yeah, even the stuff imported over here for us buyers, cost a lot. A bottle of drink can cost you up to 3-4 dollars. So how much are you expecting for these specially-shaped cucumbers? You don’t even have to cut the cucumber to achieve the shape you want!

Heart-Shaped Cucumbers

By raising the vegetables in simple plastic molds, one producer creates heart and star-shaped cucumbers that, when sliced, can add a touch of Hallmark holiday to any salad.

Well, only shapes available now are star and heart. No guessing what shapes will come in the future..

Betting that the heart-shaped cucumbers cost more than the regular cucumbers =/ It’ll be interesting to see these in the supermarket though XD.

Source: Heart Stick via Eatnine Ghost via My Interesting Files via Weird Asia News via Geekologie via Gizmodo

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