Man Arrested for Death Threats Against Kumi Koda

Another man has been arrested, this time for making death threats against Kumi Koda. He posted death threats on Koda’s record company blog using his mobile phone. The man, Yusuke Nozaki, aged 31, was arrested on a charge of blackmail. He has admitted to the allegation, saying that he wanted to kill Kumi Koda, and then himself.

Man Arrested for Death Threats Against Kumi Koda

‘‘I will ‘assassinate’ her on the Shinkansen platform of Kyoto Station,’’ another post by Nozaki, a company employee in Saitama Prefecture, was quoted as saying. The record company called the Shibuya Police Station after seeing Nozaki’s posts.

What’s up with people nowadays. Why do they love posting threats that ultimately results in them getting arrested? It’s either they really wanted attention, or they’re crazy >_>.

Source: JapanToday

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