Is this Loli My Berserk?

loli Berserk

Kentaro Miura, the mangaka of perhaps the manliest manga in the history of manga, has turned to the dark side. It was quite some time ago fans learned of his Loli Idol Master addiction, which many seemed to think may have been interfering with his progress in completing Berserk, but this is the first time loli has appeared in his work, even if it is just a promo.

Berserk Party

The Female character above is Schierke a young female witch who has joined Gatsu’s NEW party. Gatsu’s currently traumatized brain dead lover Caska, two ex-knights of the Church (One of whom is half crazy), a winey kid no one cares about, and two fairies makes up all of Gatsu’s current team.  Disregarding the fact that Schierke clearly has the hots for Gatsu, she is generally fully clothed in typical witchly attire. To clarify, this story takes place in a feudal era European type country, there were nothing bathing suits back then. In contrast, most of Berserk looks less loli, and more like this:




The contrast is pretty radical xD
The biggest concern right now is that the mangaka will DIE before he actually completes Berserk. The series has been ongoing since 1990, nearly 20 years ago, and it doesn’t seem to be nearing a conclusion anytime soon. The chapters come out at a very sluggish pace; in the last year about 6 very short chapters have been released, but most of the chapters were just pictures with very little dialogue exchange or plot progression. (Just imagine entire chapters of the three pictures above) The last year of manga could probably be fit into 10 minutes of an anime episode. So… PUT DOWN THE LOLI and finish your series already xD!!!

There has been rumors of a second season of the anime.  There is probably just enough for another season before they catch up, at that point fans will probably have to wait another 10 years for their to be more material to animate.

-Source: Sankoku Complex

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