Nanoha 4th Series In Manga

Nyantype magazine just came out a few days ago in Japan. I have yet to grab a copy at the local Kinokuniya, will probably do so once I have recovered from this terrible flu I have. Hopefully there will still be copies available.. Lol.

The 4th series of Nanoha known as Mahou Senki Lyrical Nanoha Force, debuts on Nyantype in April. That being said, I read online scanlations of the manga just a few minutes ago, and I really want it made into an anime T_T. Despite reading the news on ANN 1 month ago that Nanoha was going to have a 4th series, it was a disappointment as it turns out to be on manga, I guess I am more of anime-watcher(you know what I mean) than a manga reader.

Nanoha 4th Season In Manga
It’s Fate, in manga, with no color T_T

Nanoha in the manga will be 25 years old.. and like what everyone is saying.. Obaa-san? But thinking ahead, Vivio might just fit the role of Magical Girl. Lol.

Anyway Megami 109 has great posteres of Nanoha and Fate, do grab =P.

And yes, colors are a wonderful thing. Lol.

Nanoha 4th Series In Manga

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