Macross Frontier – Episode 22

This episode isn’t the fastest moving episode, but a few shockers. And everyone is choosing the path they want to take… what is indecisive Alto going to do!!!??? Or maybe he’s finally chosen who he wants to be with? But Alto is an idiot, so I wouldn’t get my hopes up yet.


Rating: 8/10

There really isn’t much about this episode to even summarize if I wanted to. A very large portion of the episode is THE scene between Alto and Sheryl. Sheryl passes out (and his family’s house). When she wakes back up Alto is still there with her. She informs him that she plans to keep on singing, even though she said she would never sing again. Infact she has been singing for free to give hope to all the people who are in chaos over the battles that have been taking place.


Alto finally lets out that he knows she’s dieing. He yells at her that she doesn’t have to push herself that hard; that she doesn’t have to sing. She starts to cry now and says she’ll sing until she dies, that its all she has left. Alto embraces her and says he’ll be there for her. Sheryl crying asks him to give her courage…. the scene pans away to the sky and leaves it ambiguous as to whether… “Something” may have happened between the two in the dark… in a bedroom… unchaperoned… ehhh… you get the picture. Though there’s no way to be sure. Probably not since its Alto we’re talking about hereXD

Big huggy=3

More Huggy=3

Brera and Ranka are still heading to Ai-kuns “family.” They stop along the way and Ranka just kind of floats around in space for a while for the heck of it?

Ranka randomly floating in space with Ai-kun
Brera… being smexy mysterious Brera=3

In the end of the episode SMS leave macross, becoming “pirates” so they don’t have to listen to the new president. Alto stays on Macross’s side and does battle with Ozma. Ozma tells him that Ranka has chosen her path, that he’s chosen his path, and asks what Alto is going to do~ “What are your wings for?” Their fight ends in a stalemate and sms gets away.


During this whole battle Sheryl is singing her newest song northern cross… which I hadn’t realized till now was actually the newest ending from a few episodes ago as well. Though if you look at how many different endings macross actually has I think you can understand my confusion. I listened to Norther Cross over and over the whole time I wrote this review.

Is Zen proud I got youtube thing to work all by myself=3?


I started this show off hating Sheryl thinking she was an arrogant jerk. But now I see alot more. She an orphan, who was homeless on the streets. Her entire home was BLOWN UP. She’s more or less been dumped by Alto more than once. She realized she was being used all along for her singing abilities. She’s DIEING… and yet she want to continue singing asking for nothing in return. She’s alot stronger than I origenally gave her credit for. I always preferred her singing to Ranka’s of course, but now I’m really starting to appreciate her character.

Alto this episode… I was very shocked at his sudden outburst of emotion and huggies. But as Ozma pointed out he’s a person that seems to go with the flow of the situation. He clearly lacks dedication for a large part… He origenally quit being an actor… now he’s no longer part of sms, he never was really any support to Ranka, he never really put much effort into “choosing” between the two girl… rather just kept tugging at both their hearts. Even though he now says he’ll be beside Sheryl I find it very possible he won’t live up to his promises again.


Random Images:

Scary obsession muchXD?

Cute Ranka Doll amidst destruction

Klan~ because not enough Klan in this episode

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